Cosmetic Dentistry Pittsburgh

Oct 18 2015

Tooth erosion refers to the acidic damage done to the enamel of the teeth. Learn more about its causes and your options for treatment.

Sep 18 2015

Candidates for Mouth Guards

By Timothy Sluser, DMD

Mouth guards can help protect the teeth from sports-related injuries and teeth grinding. They can also alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Aug 19 2015

Cavity Treatment Options

By Timothy Sluser, DMD

Dr. Timothy Sluser offers several treatments for cavities that will restore the strength and function of a decayed tooth.

Jul 19 2015

Bad breath (halitosis) may be the result of certain foods, tobacco product use, poor oral hygiene, or serious dental health/general wellness problems.

Jun 19 2015

Did you know that modern root canal therapy is actually painless? And that it can leave you with a more beautiful smile than you started with?

May 19 2015

Instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of your smile without the pain or long wait of traditional orthodontics.

Apr 19 2015

Dr. Timothy Sluser can help patients get gum disease under control and restore oral health with root planing and scaling treatment.

Mar 19 2015

Dental exams and professional cleanings are an important part of improving total wellness. General dentistry services like these are crucial.

Feb 18 2015

Common symptoms of TMJ disorders include lockjaw, jaw pain, clicking, grinding, and popping. Treatments vary based on the root cause.

Jan 20 2015

Cosmetic dentist Timothy Sluser can treat tooth loss and restore function and beauty to a smile with crown-supported dental bridges.