Enjoy a Restored Smile with Treatment for Missing Teeth

Treatment for Missing Teeth - Pittsburgh, PA

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 by Timothy Sluser, DMD

A woman with a healthy, white smile Tooth loss can make eating difficult and make patients feel self conscious about their appearance when smiling. Fortunately, you don't have to live with tooth loss. Restorative dentistry treatments can replace missing teeth and repair dental damage for restored dental function and appearance. To find out which treatment for missing teeth is right for you, schedule a consultation with Pittsburgh, PA dentist Timothy Sluser. In the meantime, read on to learn about some of the most popular options for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer permanent, natural feeling replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are small, screw-like, titanium posts. Dental implants are surgically placed within the jawbone to replace the natural tooth root. As the jawbone heals around the implant, a permanent bond is formed, allowing for natural looking and feeling replacement of lost teeth. Once the bone is healed and the implant is secured in placed, dental implants may be paired with different types of restorations, including:

  • Dental crowns: Dental implants may be paired with dental crowns to replace individual teeth.
  • Implant-supported bridges: Those who need more than one tooth replaced may benefit from implant-supported bridges. With implant-supported bridges, two or more teeth can be replaced with as little as one dental implant.
  • Implant-supported dentures: Implant-supported dentures anchor to the gums using three to five dental implants per arch, providing stability and natural feeling dental function for those who require dentures.

Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges can be used to replace missing teeth without the need for surgery. A traditional dental bridge consists of two dental crowns joined to one to three prosthetic teeth. The dental crowns are attached to two adjacent teeth to restore dental function. If an implant-supported bridge is used, the dental crowns are attached to two dental implants, or one dental implant and a remaining tooth.


Those who are missing a full upper arch of teeth, lower arch, or both often benefit from traditional removable dentures or implant-supported dentures. Both types of dentures are custom-made to create a snug, comfortable fit. Traditional removable dentures require denture adhesive to stay in place and come with some limitations as to what foods denture wearers can enjoy. However, implant-supported dentures securely attach within the mouth using dental implants, providing the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods in comfort and without fear of your dentures moving or shifting.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Tooth loss severely impacts daily life, making it difficult to eat and painful to smile. In addition to the discomfort caused by tooth loss, missing teeth can lead to oral health problems, including a loss of jawbone density. Loss of jawbone can change the appearance of the face and lead to problems with the surrounding teeth. Replacing missing teeth not only helps restore dental function and confidence, it can also protect the jawbone from atrophying.

Enjoy the Benefits of Restoring Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth can dramatically improve your quality of life, allowing you to smile with confidence and eat in comfort. For more information about treatment for missing teeth, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sluser.