Causes of Tooth Pain: What's Hurting My Teeth and Gums?

Causes of Tooth Pain - Pittsburgh, PA

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 by Timothy Sluser, DMD

A man with a toothacheThe team at Four Seasons Dental is proud to serve patients throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. Our commitment to advanced care is rooted in comprehensive general dentistry services, with a focus on enhancing the health of the teeth and gums.

We help a number of patients who are dealing with dental pain of various kinds. Let's take a moment to cover some of the most common causes of toothaches.

Serious Cavities

Major cavities and severe tooth decay mean that the outer enamel layer of a tooth is severely compromised. When this happens, the teeth tend to be more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as well as contact with certain food items.

Major Chips and Cracks on the Teeth

If you have a tooth that is chipped or cracked, the damage may be quite severe. It's not uncommon for this kind of damage to result in pain or discomfort, particularly when biting or chewing.

Root Canal Infections

Within each tooth is a small bundle of nerves and connective tissue known as dental pulp. After a major injury or serious tooth decay, the bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth can potentially infect the pulp within a tooth, causing a root canal infection. These are quite painful, and it can lead to the spread of infection to other parts of the mouth if it is not treated in a timely manner.

Blows to the Face and Jaw

If you sustain a major blow to the face or jaw area, it's possible that you will experience tooth pain in some degree as a result. This might be due to a chip or crack to the tooth.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding occurs when a person is asleep and involves gnashing, shifting, and clenching of the teeth. The pressure and strain on the teeth can result in sore teeth, not to mention chips and cracks.

Crooked Teeth (Malocclusion)

If you have teeth that are not properly aligned, this can be more than an aesthetic issue. Crooked teeth can actually lead to pain when you bite and chew because the dental arches are not properly working together. Over a long period of time, this pain can become quite significant.

Gum Disease and Gum Recession

When you suffer from gum disease or gum recession, it's not uncommon to experience varying levels of tooth sensitivity due to the exposure of more of a tooth's root structure.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

A common side effect of teeth whitening treatment is tooth sensitivity. This is due tot he reaction of the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth to the bleaching agent. Thankfully this is just a temporary form of tooth pain, and it should be mild. Be sure to follow all instructions when using a teeth whitening product, or to undergo a professional teeth whitening treatment supervised by a dentist.

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