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Posted on Apr 19, 2015 by Timothy Sluser, DMD

Female patient in the dental chair for treatmentAt Dr. Timothy Sluser’s dental practice, we take great pride in providing patients with comprehensive general dentistry services that will benefit the overall health of the mouth. To truly provide patients with a superior level of dental care, we look at the entire health of the mouth, including the teeth, jaw, and gums. By caring for each of these components, we can ensure that patients benefit from a strong set of teeth that are supported by a healthy foundation. For many of our patients, the gums become an area of concern at some point. Gum disease is a common oral health problem among our patients. When this condition is present, patients require special treatment to restore gum health, which also serves to protect the teeth. Root planing and scaling is available at our Pittsburgh practice to help patients get gum disease under control so that they can once again benefit from good oral health.

Why Root Planing and Scaling?

When it comes to treating gum disease, there are many options to consider, but root planing and scaling is Dr. Sluser’s preferred method of treatment. This is because root planing and scaling is a non-invasive procedure that has shown successful results in many cases of gum disease. From minor cases of gingivitis, to more advanced stages of gum disease, root planing and scaling can effectively rid the mouth of bacteria and infection to promote the healing of gum tissue. This procedure often saves patients from the need for more costly and invasive surgical gum disease treatments.

What to Expect During Treatment

One of the benefits of root planing and scaling is that it is a fairly simple procedure for patients to undergo. Local anesthesia can be used to further improve patient comfort during treatment. Going in for root planing and scaling treatment will be very similar to the experience of a routine dental cleaning. Dr. Sluser will use a dental tool to remove plaque and tartar that have built up on the teeth and around the gum line. This procedure differs from a regular dental cleaning in that we will extend this cleaning to reach the entire length of the teeth, including that which lies beneath the gum line. In order to prevent bacteria and tartar from clinging to the teeth again, Dr. Sluser will smooth out any rough patches that are present on the roots of the teeth. In most cases, an antibacterial rinse will be used or provided at the end of treatment to ensure that all harmful bacteria and infection have been eliminated.


Because root planing and scaling is a deep cleaning, it doesn’t require much in terms of recovery. When patients leave our office, they are able to return to work or any other daily activities. The gums may feel tender for a day or two, but no special care is required. Patients should resume regular oral hygiene habits (such as brushing and flossing) immediately, as this will aid in encouraging good oral health.

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