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Posted on Jan 20, 2015 by Timothy Sluser, DMD

Male with a complete set of attractive teethAdult tooth loss is a problem that is more common than you may imagine. There is a wide range of factors that could result in the loss of a permanent tooth, including poor oral hygiene habits, advanced tooth decay, infection, or a facial injury. No matter what the cause of tooth loss may be, it is important to address tooth loss in a timely manner. This will prevent further dental complications from occurring and restore the aesthetics of the smile. Dental crowns can restore teeth that have been damaged or lost to improve oral functions and preserve oral health. In the event of tooth loss, Dr. Timothy Sluser offers his Pittsburgh patients dental crown-supported bridges as a means of repairing a smile that has been affected by tooth loss.


There are many restorative options that are available to those patients who have lost teeth. Dr. Sluser will determine the best means of treatment after evaluating the extent of tooth loss, the location of tooth loss, and the health of the adjacent teeth. Dental crown-supported bridges are most likely to be recommended if the tooth or teeth that have been lost are from the same area of the mouth and if they are surrounded on both sides by a healthy, natural tooth.

Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental bridge treatment is most likely to require two dental appointments. At the first appointment, the two teeth that are adjacent to the area of tooth loss will be reshaped in preparation for the placement of dental crowns. In order to anchor the bridge securely in the mouth and create a stable and comfortable fit, the two crowned teeth will support the bridge. Once the teeth have been reshaped, molds will be taken and sent to the lab that will fabricate the dental crowns and bridge. The crowns and bridge are one solid piece that can be designed to replace the number of teeth that have been lost. At the end of this appointment, temporary restorations will be placed so that patients can enjoy an attractive smile while their permanent fabrications are completed.

At the second stage of dental bridge treatment, the completed dental crown and bridges will be placed. Dr. Sluser will perform a final test of the fit of the crowns and bridge and will make any last-minute alterations that may be necessary. When the patient is satisfied with how the bridge looks and feels, the dental crowns and bridge will be cemented into place.

A crown-supported dental bridge is a cost-effective option that is often covered by dental insurance. Our financial coordinators can check your insurance plan to see if this treatment option is fully covered.

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If you have suffered from tooth loss, it is important to address this condition before the health of the surrounding teeth and gums are affected. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about your restorative treatment options. Dr. Timothy Sluser is happy to help you find the most appropriate treatment for a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile.